6 Things you may not know about potato

Potato is one of the most loved and consumed vegetables in the world. This versatile vegetable is compatible with almost every vegetable. Apart from that, it is a very nutritious vegetable in all.

About Potato

It contains all the essential amino acids, we need to build like protein, repair cells and fight chronic illness. Do you know that it is possible for humans to survive only on a diet of potatoes and butter without being malnourished?

This two-ingredient together can give you all the nutrients you need to survive and are also almost fat-free. Potato is the 4th largest crop grown in the world.

They are a good source of fiber, which may help you in losing some weight by keeping you full for longer.

Potato can be tasty and nutritionist if prepared in the right way otherwise, it can be fattening and increase cholesterol levels like french fries increasing fat and cholesterol level.


“If you got potato in your kitchen then you are not going stave to death”.

Easy to digest

Potato can be easy to digest, due to it is a good source of soluble fiber. Which were easier to digest compared to insoluble fiber.

The fiber contains stimulate the good bacteria in the intestine and improves the gut’s health. Even the younger children can also digest potatoes without any problem.


Promote weight gain

This is one of the best food for those who want to gain some weight. Potato contains carbohydrates and protein, which was key content for weight gain.

The vitamin C and B complex might help in the proper absorption of carbohydrates. That’s why this is the ideal food for people who want to gain weight.


Reduces inflammation

It contains anti-inflammation compounds such as starch, fiber, vitamin, C, B6, potassium, etc. Which may help relieve any inflammation in the intestines and in the digestive system.

It is also is high in antioxidants including carotenoids, which may prevent DNA cells damage and promote recovery.


Promote brain health

Potato is rich in complex vitamin B6, which is shown very crucial to maintaining neurological health. Potato contains iron & omega 3 fatty acid, which is one of the key nutrients to promote health.

Iron helps to increase the production of hemoglobin, so the brain can get oxygen properly. Omega 3 promote and regulate overall brain functionality.

Vitamin B6 help in creating brain chemicals including serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. Which helps to improve brain functionality.


Regulate blood pressure

Eating potatoes can lower blood pressure due to being rich in potassium and carbohydrates helps to lower blood pressure. The potassium component in it eliminates sodium through urine, excess sodium in the body can cause high blood pressure.


Good for heart health

Potatoes are rich in dietary fiber, which consume LDL bad cholesterol from the body. The potassium in it helps to lower the chances of blood spikes.

It contains component carotenoids which also may be beneficial for heart health and the functioning of internal organs.

But excess consumption of potatoes can lead to increase cholesterol and obesity. So, try to avoid dip-fried potatoes like french fries, patties, etc.


Eating one medium-sized potato a day can be a healthy part of the diet. As long as it is not fried because then it goona increase cholesterol, diabetes, etc.

But potato is full of antioxidants that work to prevent disease and provide vital vitamins and minerals. Excess eating of potatoes can cause blood sugar and insulin to surge then dip.

High in carbohydrates can raise blood sugar levels and cause type 2 diabetes.


Myth:- Potato can make you fat

Truth:- Potato is fat-free vegetable dip fried can make you fat.

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