Health benefits of soya chunks

Every 100gm uncooked soya chucks contain 345 calories with 52gm of protein. But while consuming egg you get 14gm of protein and in meat 22gm of protein. That’s the reason some people call it the powerhouse of protein. 

High protein

Do you ever think about that is there any food which has protein higher than meat or egg and consumable by everyone. Soya chunks are a one and only food which has even higher protein than meat and eggs.

As we know that protein is an essential macronutrient that plays a major role in building and gaining muscles. Not only that protein also help to repair and retain muscle mass.

But it is hard for many people to fulfill their daily need for protein because they don’t consume an animal-based product and sometimes it doesn’t fit in their pocket. So, there are soya chunks to save you from this problem. 

soya chunks

“I need protien from rather than just protien supplement. I changed my diet.” by travis barker

Soya chunks are a great substitute for egg and meat because it is 100% vegetarian food with the goodness of protein, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, and more. That’s why it also knows as vegetarian meat. So, here are some health benefits that will convince you more often. 


Healthy bone

Soya chunks are high in minerals and vitamin content. Calcium and minerals that were present in it help to strengthen bones and teeth.

Which allows the new bones to grow and making existing ones stronger and also speeds up the healing process. 

Experts believe that eating soya chunks can be the long-term solution for common bone health problems in old age. To ensure your bone’s health you should start adding it to your diet.


Healthy digestion

It may lead to healthy digestion because dietary fiber is present in high quantities. Dietary fiber is essential for total body functioning which plays a vital role in our digestion system. 

Soya chunks are rich in fiber sources that stimulate the growth of a healthy gut acting as a prebiotic.

Dietary fiber decreases the chance of constipation and helps us to provide max nutrients to the food we consume. 


Weight loss

Soy is high in calories which means it can help to gain weight. But that’s not all they also use to help us in weight loss.

A recent study found that soya chunks can efficiently lower the level of bad cholesterol in the body and protect the heart and also stop excess fat forming around the organs. 

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Soya chunks of protein help you to stay fuller and preventing you from craving unhealthy foods during the whole day. This proves that it can be effective in weight loss.


Relieve sleep disorder

Soya chunks contain magnesium in high amounts, which is linked to increasing the quality of sleep. The study found that soy can reduce insomnia disorder. So, if having trouble in sleep then try to add soya into your diet.

Rich in vitamins & minerals

Soya chunks are a good source of vitamins and minerals. Which is essential for our body and mental growth such as vitamin k1, folate, phosphorous, etc.


We see the amazing benefits of soya chunks. So, let us give some light that how soya chunks form actually they made with the help of soya flour. Chunks are the by-product left after extracting from soya beans. 

But excess consumption can be bad for your health, it may increase the estrogen and uric acid level in your body.

Which lead to weight gain, mood swing, acne, bloating, etc. An increase in the level of uric acid can lead to liver damage & joint pain. 

But consuming in a moderate manner only gives you benefits. Soya Chunks are versatile and can be consumed in many forms in fact it is vegetarian meat.


Myth:- Lower testosterone level in males.

Truth:- No, it doesn’t raise or lower testosterone levels in males.

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