10 Amazing health benefits of eating garlic

Since ancient times garlic has always been part of every kitchen. There is something irresistible about the aroma of garlic, which shown its presence in the dish. For centuries garlic has been using in dishes and for medical purposes.

About Garlic

This herb has medical properties like antibacterial and antiseptic. According to Ayurveda garlic help to improve Agni (digestive fire) and reduces ama that denotes undigested food.

It helps to remove the blockage from the blood vessel by eliminating toxins and help to maintain a healthy heart and body. It is recommended as physical strength promoting aphrodisiac for improving health.

The most important compound found in garlic is Allicin. This herb is also a rich source of some vital nutrients like- vitamin C, K, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, thiamine, zinc, folate, etc.


” There are many miracles in the world to celebrate and garlic is the most deserving”.by leo buscaglia

So, here are some amazing health benefits of eating garlic. Which convinces you more often why garlic has been using for medical purposes for centuries.

Blood purifier

Garlic has been used to cleanse the blood and remove a blockage in blood vessels from ancient times. The compound found in it contains allicin and sulfur. Which are proven effective in blood purifiers and protect the liver from harmful toxins.


Cold & Flu

Raw garlic clove has been using as a home remedy to cure a cold and flu. It contains powerful agents like antimicrobial and antiviral properties. Which helps to kill the virus and bacteria causing cold & flu.


Boost immunity

The compounds present in it protect against free radicals and prevent DNA damage. Vitamin C and zinc help to fight infection and strengthen immunity.

The antiseptic and antibacterial properties of it kill viruses and other microorganisms. Eating raw garlic can be effective in strengthening immunity.


Improve brain health

Garlic can promote brain health because of its natural antioxidant and anti-inflammation effect.

Research also discovered that garlic contains compounds that protect the brain from aging. As it prevents any neurological disease such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.


Prevent ulcers

The antimicrobial and antibacterial properties of garlic have help to fight against ulcers. Prevent the development of ulcers by speeding up the healing process.

Garlic contains powerful antioxidants and anti-bacterial, which prevent peptic ulcers by eliminating the contagion from the gut.

Manage blood sugar

Raw garlic extract helps to regulate blood glucose and has potentially stopped or lower the effect of deviates.

The compound contains allicin raise insulin level in the bloodstream by preventing the liver inactivation of insulin to make more insulin available in the body.


Improve skin health

Garlic has antibacterial antifungal and antiseptic properties from allicin. Which helps to kill acne-causing bacteria and lighten acne scars. It protects skin from free radical damage and slows down the depletion of collagen.

Which leads to a loss of elasticity in the skin. Garlic purifies blood, which can be the main cause of acne breakouts.


Effective in joint pain

Garlic has been using since ancient times to cure joint pain. It contains allicin and anti-inflammation compounds.

Which helps in fighting inflammation and prevent cartilage damage from arthritis. Garlic is rich in both sulfur and selenium which can help to relieve joint pain.

Applying warm garlic oil with mustard oil on an effective area helps to relieve swelling, inflammation, and pain. Eating one clove of garlic keeps joint pain at bay.

Prevent heart disease

Garlic helps to lower cholesterol levels due to the antioxidant properties of allicin. Research believes that red blood cells turn the sulfur in garlic into hydrogen sulfide gas.

That expands in your blood vessel and making it easier to regulate blood pressure.


Improve digestion

Including garlic in the diet benefits the intestines and reduces inflammation. It helps to destroy the bad bacteria and protect good bacteria in the gut.

Ayurveda has so much belief in it to improve gut health, as fuel for good bacteria. That’s why garlic is one of the good probiotic food for gut health.


Generally, the daily recommended dose of eating is 2 cloves of garlic. Which helps you in removing oxidation stress and LDL cholesterol in the body.

Daily consumption of it reduces the iodine of blood clot and prevent thromboembolism. This food is good for the patient who was suffering from hypertension.

But excess eating of it can cause bad breath, blood thinning, and burning sensation in the mouth. Also, increase acid and inflammation in the body. 


Myth:- Eating garlic helps to prevent infection with the new coronavirus.

Truth:- There is no research-based evidence. But it is effective against viruses.

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