10 Amazing health benefits of eating garlic


Since ancient times garlic has always been part of every kitchen. There is something irresistible about the aroma of garlic, which shown its presence in the dish. For centuries garlic has been using in dishes and for medical purposes. About Garlic This herb has medical properties like antibacterial and antiseptic. According to Ayurveda garlic help … Read more

Thing you may not know about clove (laung)


Clove is the flower buds of the clove tree, its botanical name is Syzygium aromatioum. For centuries clove has been using as for cooking and for medical purposes. About C(love) Due to being rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals have been traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine. The powerful antioxidants present in its eugenol strengthen the … Read more

Top 7 health benefits of fennel seed (sauf)

fennel seed

Fennel seed or we can say sauf, in Indian this seed mostly consumed after the meal to freshen up breath and stimulate breath. It contains vital minerals like zinc, copper, iron, magnesium, etc. About Sauf From ancient, times in Indian Fennel seeds are using for medical & as well as for culinary. That’s why most … Read more

Top 7 health benefits of ginger


Ginger is a flowery root found almost everywhere around the world. It is the close relative of turmeric. Ginger is most commonly used in Indian households as a spice. Why ginger for health? Ayurveda also talked about ginger’s health benefits. Which has proven very effective for natural home remedies to cure or prevent chronic disease. … Read more

Top 6 health benefits of aloe vera plant

aloe vera

Aloe vera is one of the healthiest plants nature has to offer us. Which is using since ancient times being for medical purposes. It contains so many vital nutrients which were essential for our health. Aloe vera nutrients Like vitamins C, E, B12, B9, and minerals like calcium, potassium, sodium, zinc, etc. The gel we … Read more

7 health benefits of giloy herb


In Ayurveda, giloy considers one of the best herbs for various types of fever and other conditions. Its stem considers highly effective due to its high nutritional content. It is also known as “the root of immortality”. Facts about giloy Giloy is also known as Amrita and Guduchi in Hindi and is scientifically known as … Read more

Top 6 turmeric benefits for health


Turmeric is an herb that has one of the old and greatest histories from the centuries. Due to its medical uses and is a major part of the Ayurveda. In India, for the centuries it is used as a culinary spice and also in spiritual activity. Power of turmeric Turmeric is also known as the … Read more

Top health benefits of tulsi leaf

basil leaf

As we all know that Tulsi leaf (holy basil) is a powerful herb, also known as (Queen of herbs). Tulsi has tonnes of benefits because it is rich in antioxidants. Which helps us fight against infections, viruses, allergies, and many more problems. We can easily find this herb in Indian homes mostly in Hindu homes … Read more