Top 7 health benefits of fennel seed (sauf)

Fennel seed or we can say sauf, in Indian this seed mostly consumed after the meal to freshen up breath and stimulate breath. It contains vital minerals like zinc, copper, iron, magnesium, etc.

About Sauf

From ancient, times in Indian Fennel seeds are using for medical & as well as for culinary. That’s why most Fennel seeds are grown in India. These aromatic seeds come from Foeniculum vulgare a herb.

These seeds are very low in calories and high in nutrients. Due to the micro and macronutrient present in it highly beneficial for health.

Vitamin C, E, K and are packed with powerful antioxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Which keeps chronic disease at bay. This natural mouth freshener holds a special place in the Indian kitchen.

fennel seed

“This seeds is an instant mouth freshner for all”.

Here are some of its amazing health benefits. Which convinces you more often why this super seed is reliable for almost every medical condition.

Eliminate bad breath

This is one of the famous and known uses of Fennel seeds. It contains antibacterial properties that help to eliminate bad breath. Eating one tablespoon of after-meal freshen up your breath.

This home remedy has proven very effective for those who suffer from beath breath. It increases the secretion of saliva and kills harmful bacteria. That’s why nowadays toothpaste with fennel coming into the market.


Improve digestion

Fennel seed contains estragole, fenchone, and anethole. Which are plant-based anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties. Which helps to treat heartburn, bloating, IBS, etc.

Eating or drinking Fennel tea may help to strengthen gut health and remove toxins from the body.

Enhance skin health

As see that it has powerful antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties. Which may help in protecting against free radical damage. The potent found in it help to manage oxygen level in your bloodstream.

Drinking Fennel tea removes toxins from the body and prevent acne, pimple, blemishes, rashes. Etc.


Help to improve eyesight

Eating it may enhance eyesight because it contains vitamin A which is a crucial nutrient for eye health. That’s why in ancient times it is used to improve the symptoms of glaucoma.


Prevent cancer

Being rich in antioxidants helps in preventing oxidation stress and protects the body from cancer-causing bacteria. This anti-cancerous plant compound has an active compound.

Which has helped to eliminate cancer cells. So, these seeds can prevent chronic disease as well as prevent deadly like cancer.


Improves respiratory

Fennel seed contains a high amount of phytonutrients that help to clear sinuses. Drinking tea can be a great help to aid bronchitis, improve the respiratory system.


Help in weight loss

Fennel seeds are very low in calories and high in nutrients. It works as a diuretic and improves metabolism. Which leads to healthy loss, drinking tea can stimulate the fat-burning process and help you to lose some kilos.


See this tiny seed have awesome health benefits. Eating a tablespoon of Fennel seed after a meal can give numerous health benefits.

This summer try to drink fennel water, which will give you a cooling effect on your body heat. Help you calm the nerve and promote mental health.

But consume it with caution because to digest this seed you have to chew it properly. Half chewed may cause trouble to the stomach.


Myth:- Eating fennel seeds after a meal can cause constipation.

Truth:- Eating it every meal can cause.

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