10 health benefits of jaggery you may not know

In ancient times in India, most people use jaggery as a sweetener. But nowadays artificial refined sugar is using more often than other natural and healthy sweeteners. A natural sweetener like jaggery is made with sugarcane and is popularly known as gur.

About jaggery

Jaggery is varied in colour from golden brown to dark brown. It is packed with vital nutrients like calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, and phosphorus.

It is mostly consumed in the winter season because it produces heat in the body and keeps the body warm in winter. Ayurveda also praises for its therapeutic and pharmaceutical purposes.


“If life give you sugar cube or jaggery cube go for jaggery”.

Let’s see what numerous health benefits we will get if replace with refined sugar with jaggery.

Aid digestion

Jaggery helps to stimulate bowel movement and release digestive enzymes. Its nutritious natural sweetener reduced the risk of constipation. That’s why it is mostly preferable dessert to eat after a heavy meal.

It stimulates the digestion process and reduces the chances of constipation.


Soothe joint pain

Eating jaggery with ginger relieve joint pain and also strengthen the bone. Nutritionists also advise people suffering from arthritis or any kind of joint pain. This natural sweetener will help to relieve you from the pain.


Detoxify the liver

Jaggery has potent which work as a natural cleansing agent for the liver. Which help to flush out toxins from the liver and maintain good health. Eating a small piece of it daily helps to manage liver health.


Strength immunity

It is loaded with natural antioxidants and minerals. Which help to prevent any damage from free radicals. By increasing the WBC count in the body. Which help to increase the resistance against infection, bacteria, and virus.


Treat cold & flu

Jaggery helps to cure a cold and flu by strengthening the immune. Eating it can increase the production of heat in our body, help to fight against cold and flu.

It also has anti-bacterial properties that help to kill the virus and bacteria. Drinking hot milk with jaggery powder may help to treat cold & flu.

Increase energy level

Jaggery is packed with minerals like iron and phosphorus. Which stimulate the production of haemoglobin in the body. The complex carbohydrates give energy to the body.

Eating it daily may help to prevent fatigue and weakness in the body.


Manage blood pressure

It contains potassium and sodium, which help in managing blood pressure and prevent blood spikes in the bloodstream. Which may be helpful for people who were stuffing from migraines and hypertension.

It dilates blood vessels allow smooth flow. Eating one piece of jaggery every day may help you to manage your blood pressure level.


Help in weight loss

Jaggery may be the best alternative to refined white sugar. It can give you energy for the whole day, due to being rich in vital vitamins and minerals. which tend to keep you feeling full for longer.

Ultimately reduces food carving which can lead to unnecessary weight gain.

Natural detoxifier

Jaggery is one of the best natural detoxifier food. But this superfood helps to remove unwanted toxins from the body. That’s why it is highly recommended for the people who work in a polluted area or live nearby.

Pollution particles affect our respiratory system and can cause some lethal diseases. But eating it can keep this problem at bay.


Blood purifier

Eating it is extremely beneficial in expelling toxins from the body and purifying blood. Which help to prevent any skin related issue like Ance, pimple, etc.

Iron and phosphorus present in jaggery also stimulate the production of haemoglobin and any prevent chronic disease. 


So, listen to your mom and ad this superfood to your diet. This is known best sugar substitute not only because of its health benefits also because it is pocket friendly to other natural sweeteners.

Eat only 100% of natural jaggery to get all the benefits shown in this article. This natural sweetener will give you all the nutrient which is not giving by white sugar.

But also remember excess of anything is bad. So, not eat more than one piece of it in a day.

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Myth:- Diabetic people can eat jaggery.

Truth:- A diabetic shouldn’t consume jaggery.

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