What are the benefits of eating bananas

Banana is one of the most famous and consumable fruit all over the world. Everyone, us eat a banana without knowing its nutrient. We simply eat bananas because of their sweetness and smoothness.

Which dissolve in our mouth in no time and making us eat more. Now let’s find out its nutrient and health benefits. As we see that banana is the fruit of all seasons.

Most lovable fruit

Which makes it a more lovable fruit than others. It is an extremely healthy fruit and contains vital nutrients like 11 minerals, 6 vitamins and lots of fiber, and good carbohydrates.

That’s the reason it is most commonly eat at breakfast time. Banana provides you instant energy to kick start your day. It is easy to consume and no need to wash and slice it into pieces, just peel and start eating.

Banana is widely consumed by gym lovers as a post and pre-workout meal snack. It keeps appetite calm after instance workout and gave energy for instance workout.

smiling banana

“This banana wants you to be happy and healthy look, it is even smiling at you”

This pocket-friendly fruit has numerous health benefits. So, let find out what more banana has to offer to us.

Improve digestion

That’s the primary medical or you can say health benefit of banana. It is easily digested and doesn’t disturb the gastrointestinal tract.

Banana is gentle enough to be eaten if you have stomach problems like constipation, vomiting, and diarrhea.

It is a low fructose fruit and rich in fiber and contains insulin, which stimulates the growth of good bacteria in the gut. Banana is also helpful in treating stomach ulcers because it contains sitaindosides which prevent and heals ulcers.

This superfood contains carbohydrates that are easily digestible even by young children.


Fight depression

Even heard that bananas can helpful in fighting depression. It contains tryptophan which helps to release happy hormones and improve our mood.

The magnesium which is present in bananas is responsible for producing a good mood and healthy sleep. So, let banana rescue you from depression and live a happy life with your superfood.

Eating 2 to 3 bananas daily can eliminate symptoms of depression.

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Help in weight loss

Its myth that eating banana only lead to gain fat and weight. But that was not true it can lead to weight gain if it consumes by a milk-like beverage.

If it consumes alone it doesn’t lead to weight gain, it is rich in fiber which makes you no longer want to eat if it is once consumed.

Banana starch reduces appetite and contains natural sugar like fructose, glucose, and sucrose. It is the powerhouse of nutrients that provides an instant boost in energy and slower food carving.

This superfood contains soluble and insoluble fiber which reduces hunger pang the whole day.


Good for the heart

Increasing the consumption of fiber-rich food like bananas can lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases. An increase in potassium and a decrease in sodium intake are good for our health.

Not surprisingly banana is blessed with high potassium and low sodium. Fiber, Vitamin C and B6 is an important nutrient for heart health which is also present in banana.


Manage anemia

It is a condition in which a person feels paleness, tiredness, and breathlessness. This happens when our body decreases the number of red blood cells count or hemoglobin in the blood.

Banana contains lots of iron, which stimulates the production of (R.C.B). Vitamin B6 regulates blood glucose levels in our bodies.


As we see in this article how amazing is banana. This superfood is also rich in vitamin C that protects our body against cell and tissue damage.

Also, produce collagen & supports brain health by producing serotonin and manganese. Which helps to protect our skin and other cells against free radical damage.

This fruit is not only good in nutrients it also good in taste and can be consumed in different ways like a smoothie, banana shake, ice cream, and more. So, start adding this world-famous fruit into your diet.


Myth:- Eating 6 bananas in a day can kill you.

Truth:- Eating 400 bananas in a day can kill you.                                                                          

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